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DrumStooled Acrylic

It is a major innovation in the drum arena, which has not evolved in its design and principles since 1906.

The DrumStooled© is the instrument that will allow you to enrich and develop your instrumental percussion practice, whether you are a guitarist, singer, drummer or instrumentalist!

This new patented drum model allows you to quickly and easily add rhythmic footwork to your music. It is also a real revolution, visual because of its luminous aesthetics, its transparency, its ease of installation and space saving.


It is an acrylic bass drum with an inverted pedal and a directly integrated seat. A powerful and racy DrumStooled with short, matt tones. The choice of transparent skins with underlay at the edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overring. A perfect balance between response and tone control. It also saves significant space compared to a traditional drum kit and offering visibility on the drummer’s footwork.

Each musician will be able to embellish his own rhythm and develop his tempo in complete freedom while giving way to new sensations in the field of percussion. The Drumstooled is the original power and sonic precision of a bass drum with a remarkable look and stage presence with its multi-coloured LED lighting.

Numerous adjustments are possible for maximum comfort when sitting on a moto seat. Mounted on a hydraulic cylinder, you can adjust the seat height according to your size. The cardan pedal allows you to choose your position (angle, travel, multiple adjustments) for your playing comfort and ground support.


  • Patented product
  • Acrylic Shelves: 18 “x16”
  • Die Cast Drum Hoop – 8 lugs
  • PowerDrum® Double Fold Transparent Skins
  • Moto velvet comfort seat
  • Seat adjustment: 63 to 83 cm
  • Inverted pedal with cardan joint for right or left players
  • Led RVG LED lighting powered by 6 LR6 batteries powered by smartphone app
  • Shipping Weight: 15 Kgs
  • Designed and Manufactured in


Designed to be easily transportable, the Drumstooled is available with a specific trolley that allows you to easily take it to all your venues and game settings. So it’s an all-in-one transport solution with pedal, seat and drum shells with an adjustable arm that fits your size.