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A few words of introduction…

First of all, you must know that the music is our daily passion. An open-minded sound, visual and artistic spirit that feeds us an endless imagination for this art.
The genesis of this project comes from our stage experience as a musician. It is with this in mind that we decided to create a new instrument concept to open up the practice of percussion to all musicians.

Today, musical creation opens up new horizons to multiple universes. The concept that we propose combines the practicality of a new instrument to experience new sensations in small band or solo and thus come back to the authenticity of live music. After several prototypes and iterations during musical tours, the DrumStooled© was created with the filing of an innovation patent.

Our project is also to reconcile the universe of music, art and design that we offer through a series of objects instruments, furniture such as DrumLights, sculpture that become richer over time. If you are also an art lover, you will find some of our unique creations in the “Art galleries” section, our workshops are located in the commune of St Paul 3 chateaux in Drome Provençale between Avignon and Montélimar amidst fields of lavender, olive trees and vineyards.
If you are passing through the area, please don’t hesitate to visit us.